Crushed Asphalt Driveway Kalamazoo Michigan

Crushed Asphalt Driveway Repair Kalamazoo, Michigan

Is your driveway full of potholes and in need of driveway repair? Crushed asphalt is one of the many different aggregate materials R&H Tractor Services uses, however it is probably the most used. And, for a good reason. Crushed asphalt has many properties that make it an excellent material to resurface a driveway with. These reasons include limits dust, drains well, aesthetically pleasing, and provides a hard surface after compaction.

This particular project used 160 yards of material on just over 900 ft of driveway. R&H Tractor Services is efficient at spreading, grading, smoothing and compacting the material. This job took one day to complete and was ready for the customer to drive on it right after we finished. We often get asked if the driveway is accessible while we are working, and it is. There may be times when the drive is blocked for 5-15 minutes but usually never longer.

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