Spring Thaw Driveway Fix

Spring Thaw Driveway Repair Michigan

Spring thaw is about the hardest thing on a gravel driveway, especially ones with poor maintenance or an incorrect build. Over time the driveway erodes, causes ruts, potholes, and other unsightly problems that hard on vehicles.

The reason spring thaw is so hard on driveways is that as the top layer of frozen grounds begins to melt, the melted runoff, in turn, sits on the frozen ground below. This creates a muddy mess when you do not have the proper material on the drive or proper compaction. When you drive through this it creates ruts that if continued to be driven through grow deeper and deeper.

If your driveway is in similar condition, or just needs minor repair work.  We would love to hear from you.  We have many options to offer for fixing your driveway.

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