Land Clearing For New Lake Home

Land Clearing at Geneva Lake Shelbyville, Michigan

There are many different reasons to clear land.  For instance, new homes, additions, pole barns, or just extending your yard for future use.  No matter the case R&H Tractor Services can get the job done in a fast efficient manner.

Many times when you are building a home you are not quite sure of the best spot to put it.  This is usually because trees and brush block your field of view.  By clearing it you can see every aspect of your land and decide where to put the house, then design the house around the land.

This was the case for our Geneva Lake project.   Because, the land owner had decided to build, but did not know quite where to put the house.  After going over which trees to keep, our equipment was brought onsite and work began.  Starting with removing the trees and piling the logs for later use.  The brush was then chipped and piled.  Lastly, the stumps were pulled, piled, and later hauled offsite to dispose of them.  Once the area was cleared of debris, we did a final rake of the area piling any small debris.  The owner decided he would burn the chip piles at a cost savings.

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