Building A Gravel Driveway Across A Swamp Using Crushed Concrete

Building A Driveway Across A Swamp Using Crushed Concrete

This old gravel driveway once led to a beautiful cabin in the woods.  Just like the cabin, the driveway has far deteriorated to the point of failure.  R&H Tractor Services was hired to rehabilitate this old driveway.  Our first step was to scrap away the topsoil, luckily for us, when the driveway was originally built they used large trees as the base followed up by large stones.  Once we got down to the original driveway, we brought in three inch crushed concrete.  The crushed concrete acted as our base.  After laying the base we finished the surface with one inch minus crushed concrete.  Once all of the material was laid on the new driveway, we put the proper grade on the driveway.  The proper grade includes a good crown in the center of the driveway.  This gave the driveway a good finish that will last for year to come.

R&H Tractor Services uses a Kubota L45 with a six foot land plane for our driveway grading and refinishing projects.

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