Driveway Drainage & Resurfacing in Hastings, Michigan.

This homeowner approached us because they were tired of their washed out driveway and all of the dust that it created.  This project incorporated excavation, driveway resurfacing, and drainage.  We excavated the trench with enough slope (1%) to allow water to run away from the building and into the woods.  We then tied the gutters into this drain.  In the past, the water from the gutters would wash out our clients driveway so this problem had to be properly addressed if we were going to offer a permanent solution.

Once the gutters were completed we resurfaced the driveway with 140 yards of crushed asphalt millings.

Location: Galesburg Michigan

One of the specific challenges we faced with this project was trying to find an appropriate place to run the water as the property is mostly flat or riddled with obstacles that made it difficult.

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