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Crushed Concrete Parking Lot in Hastings, Michigan

Our customer purchased a large building for their business, however, the property lacked adequate parking and prohibited trucks and trailers from turning around. Before we could start constructing a parking lot, we had to remove two considerable obstacles first: a dilapidated house and the many trees on the property.

We started the project by tearing down the house and backfilling the basement, then cutting and removing the trees and excavating the tree stumps.

This made it possible to strip the topsoil and lay a layer of sand to bring up the grade. A topcoat of crushed concrete stabilized the area, which allowed us to finish grade the entire parking area to allow for proper water drainage.

Location:  Hastings, Michigan
Project Type: Demolition, Tree & Stump Removal, Excavation, Gravel Grading
Materials: 400 yards of sand (backfill) and 200 yards of crushed concrete (final layer).

Do You Need A New Gravel Parking Lot Or Parking Area?

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