Backyard Renovation & Drainage Solution in Gun Lake, Michigan

Enjoying the beautiful view in this backyard was next to impossible for this customer due to high levels of water saturation and a lack of proper drainage. Initially, the homeowner was going to attempt installing a drain himself, but after working with R&H Tractor Services on another project decided to utilize our expertise.

We systematically added 300 feet of french drain throughout the 5000 sq. ft. yard. The drain sloped to a pump chamber because the lake level was too high to get an adequate slope. We then raised the yard 4" and sloped it towards the lake before hydroseeding the lawn.

Location:  Gun Lake, Michigan
Project Type: Yard Drainage and Renovation
Materials: 4" double-wall drain pipe, pump station, topsoil, hydroseed

Do You Need Help With Drainage or a Yard Renovation?

R&H Tractor Services specializes in drainage solutions and yard renovations throughout the Gun lake area.  If you'd like to schedule an estimate to have your yard renovated please give us a call at (269)205-3762 or fill out our online estimate request form and we'll get right back to you.

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